The Keeper of Her Home

Titus 2:4- 5 “…..that they may teach the young women to be……………..keepers at home……..”       In this society, especially in my millennial generation, I hear a lot of talk about women wanting to be #bossbabes and independent women. I don’t hear much about the beauty in making sure we are ,at the least…

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Why Esther was REALLY promoted as queen….

  I’ve read the story of Esther in the Bible for years, and I’m sure you probably have too. And if not, no worries, let me give you a cliff’s notes version. During a highly selective interview process, She was a young lady chosen to be queen. When talking about Esther becoming queen , we…

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3 Marriage Myths Debunked

marriage myths Hi ladies! Last week we talked a little of how building a future with your spouse even in your wedding plans goes a long way. Before some have gotten married, there are expectations that aren’t a reality. Let’s discuss how even after marriage, life doesn’t get perfect. 1. Love is enough to have…

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