Would you like to know how to have peace in multiple roles as a woman? You know, a balancing act for home, work, and relationship with Christ and ideas for passive income to free time? Get closer to leading the life you want to live. This course is designed to make you leap into your Godly destiny and purpose for you and family.

Are you in a relationship and unsure where it may lead? Are you wondering when will he pop the big question? How do you know if he's the one when you have two "godly" options? Written over a span of two years to let you know You Are Worthy to have a God Given marriage. There's some things you must consider in your process but you must not settle.

FaceTime: Pursuing the Presence of Jesus

Do you desire an intimate walk with God? Fall in love with Jesus all over again. Personal and documented encounters with God, visions, and answered prayers from a broken heart in my spiritual journey changed my life. This book is to urge you to FaceTime with God. 

Want to know how to meander through life successfully as a single woman? I'll tell you how! This book is for young ladies from all walks of life. Devotional topics range from courtship to Godly character, emotional healing to money management, and much much more. 

Telling her life story, Amanda Ferguson explains how, through Jesus Christ, she overcame traumatic experiences. She not only tells you how she overcame, but also gives you a “how-to” guide to overcome obstacles in your life. She deals with real issues such as the following: Sexual abuse, Depression, Loss & grief, Forgiveness, Soul ties, and much more!

Amanda Has A Lot To Share

Here Is "No More Game," The 1st Chapter of My Newest Book