4 Self Care Tips: Dealing with Holiday Grief & Loss

Hi ladies! As many as you know, my mother passed away in November 2011 two days after Thanksgiving. One of my keys in dealing with grief for me has been going to a Christian therapist. I wholeheartedly believe in therapy! I believe it is self-care. The same way we go to the dentist, for checkups….or…

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Why Esther was REALLY promoted as queen….

  I’ve read the story of Esther in the Bible for years, and I’m sure you probably have too. And if not, no worries, let me give you a cliff’s notes version. During a highly selective interview process, She was a young lady chosen to be queen. When talking about Esther becoming queen , we…

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Prophetic Wisdom for Mothers

prophetic I have been in intense prayer lately concerning the destinies of our children. I would like to share with you some of the insight that I’ve received from my prayer and study time, from 1st Samuel and the study of Hannah and her son, Samuel. Most of you have read this story about how…

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